About us

Wolves was founded in Amsterdam as a streetwear label in 2016. Based in one of the most diverse cities in the world, we’ve always been inspired by the cultures of people in our immediate vicinity. We decided to become a brand that inspires its collections on the backgrounds of the young people who are part of the street culture.

We are fascinated by the way in which the first generation of people who loved street style came together resembling a close Wolfpack. By sharing multiple aspects of the street culture like music, art and  creating creative modern designs we meet new people who expand  our community of young socials calling it the Wolfpack.

Wolves is committed to designing sharp and dynamic high quality clothing, characterized by the brand its own form of original geometric expressions. By being very sophisticated we assemble the best materials for our products, returning back to the Wolfpack with a new collection every season.


Houten Horloge